According to the violent crime two dead bodies in the upper Palatinate, Schwandorf taken by investigators since the days of the wanted suspects in the Czech city of Domazlice (Taus). The 57-Year-old had been arrested on Wednesday afternoon after a witness note of the Czech police, told Bavarian investigators. He will now be extradited to Germany.

The German is suspected of his former life partner and your companion to have in a house in Schwandorf killed. The bodies of 57-Year-old and 69-Year-old discovered by police after they were to the house of the two risks, because previously, the husband had not appeared to work.

During the manhunt, the police used, among other things, service dogs and a helicopter. Several buildings in the district Swan village were searched.

background and Details of the escape and the arrest, want to be made known to the authorities on Thursday. dpa Swan village: police tape is placed in front of a house. In the house two corpses have been discovered.

suspect showed up with a bloody head wound in the cafe on

The operation in a Café below the apartment of the suspect, saw the 57-Year-old on the night of the murder. “He was later in the evening, suddenly, with a blood head wound in the Locally, he had covered only barely. He didn’t want us to call a doctor, but returned to his accommodation,” she told FOCUS Online.

Basti R. from Schwandorf, which was on the evening among the guests, told FOCUS Online: “We have celebrated the success of our football club. He suddenly stood right next to us and was bleeding on the head. He said he had found the Ride on the little remote Klausensee against a tree and was injured. “This information he has passed in the meantime, the police. dpa, The police have cordoned off the scene.

In the cafe, the Suspect was many regular guests are well-known. A mate who knows him to be 30 years: “In the prison want to go back to the safe no longer. The devil, what has rode him white, to ride on the night of his Ex after büchel boldly.”

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