Finally! The Relief of the inhabitants of the Twelve-million metropolis of Moscow was not heard, as your mayor, Sergei Sobyanin, the end of the previous Corona-restrictions announced. Some things, such as hair cutting is now possible again, other such as the Opening of gyms is allowed in a couple of days.

clothing stores and hardware stores have already since a week back open. Museums and Zoos will be next week again accessible, then also cafes and Restaurants, guests can help.

As perhaps the most important decision of the mayor, but most observers see the immediate abolition of electronic approvals, with which you could move around in the city. So far so good. Freedom!

many were Surprised, however, how quickly the rate of pivoting is done. At the end of may suspected Sobyanin, that worry-free walks in the city could be allowed, if Moscow would only sign dozens or at most hundreds of new infections every day. But this is 1,500 to 2,500 daily new infections in the Russian capital so far, the case for long.

attack on the civil rights

The independent Moscow Deputy Denis Shenderovich welcomes the abolition of the, as he calls them, “illegal” measures, which were, in his opinion, less to combat the Corona pandemic, but rather the restriction of civil rights.

by that he means especially the strict rules to Leave the apartment and the associated System of electronic passes: “they were absolutely stupid and useless steps, the called nothing more than dissatisfaction of the people.” Now the people could look forward to again, says Shenderovich compared to the DW.

in fact, many of Moscow complained in the past two and a half months, about the, in their opinion, absurd penalties, which they got from the city for alleged violations of the self-isolation. There was a bedridden patient with a serious illness, was sentenced to pay 4,000 rubles (the equivalent of about 53 EUR), although you can’t leave her apartment in years.

for The letters of the other Moscow bills were suddenly declared invalid, even though nothing changed in your Status. Many is the short-term fixing of a dog lover, stuck in your memory, followed by the go of his four-legged friend and the Barrier in a Park that has been ignored. The story was for many the Symbol of the absurdity of some of the rules.

Wear protective masks on duty

Denis Shenderovich criticized but on the other hand, the easing of other measures that could mitigate the pandemic, in his opinion, in fact: “with regard to the authorization of mass events, so I can’t find them in advance, because the number of new infections is declining.” Shenderovich called the new decision, therefore, “strange” and “hysterical”.

He pointed out that Moscow was not obliged to pay for just a few days ago to Wear protection masks and gloves in public spaces, and the child walks “like in jail” according to one of the city’s established Plan for every single house.

As an obvious reason for such a decision Shenderovich announced the victory parade on 24. June on the Red square to be held after the historic 9. May (the official victory day in Russia) due to the pandemic has been cancelled.

mayor Sobyanin would get the call from the Kremlin, on ironic Shenderovich: “Seryozha, look! First of all, we need the Parade and, secondly, and this is probably the most important of All, we need to vote on changes to the Constitution.”

criticism of restrictions on

1. July should be asked the Russians to the far-reaching Changes in the Constitution. This Reform is intended to guarantee, among other things, President Vladimir Putin’s re-election after the expiry of its regular term of office in 2024. The Moscow deputies denounces Shenderovich “the Chaos and the indifference” of the authorities towards the citizens.

to Him, Pavel Danilin, member of the Moscow chamber of Commerce and Director of the Pro-government center for political analysis and social researches speaks, in an interview with DW. He leads the official statistics, according to which the number of successfully treated COVID-19-waxes patient.

he Also criticized authorities ‘ restrictions, such as walks to the Plan as a “useless” measures “provided in the capital only for voltages”. A political Motivation Danilin includes in any case: “I would put this decision, neither the Parade nor the vote on the Constitution in conjunction.” The mayor had consulted prior to the promulgation of his decision sufficient physicians.

author: mandlmeier

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