Agnès Buzyn, former minister of Health, benefits police protection granted by the ministry of the Interior. According to a source from the Place Beauvau), this monitoring should end as soon as its back on the pavement in paris. But, according to The World, so that it had convened these heads a list Tuesday morning to make the point on his campaign municipal paris for the second round, she first cancelled the appointment, and then was postponed. The meeting by video conferencing should finally have place at 13: 30 on Tuesday. The government, or those who have recently exchanged with it the say, however, ” very motivated.”

Two police officers, one of whom drives the vehicle trivialized the under-management of mobile resources in the service of the protection (SDLP, ex-SPHP), the support in its daily movements. “It is not protected as a former minister, says a source within the SDLP, because only the ex-ministers to the tasks of government can be entitled to protection expensive. “

Threats, anti-semitism, complotisme

Harassed, vilified, in particular on the social networks for its management of the health crisis since the outbreak of the first alert on the coronavirus, the ex-minister has, it seems, been the object of threats. During interrogation, his entourage did not wish to specify the nature. The attacks anti-semitic against her, and against her husband, professor Yves Lévy, who has been regularly defamed by a horde of complotistes on the pretext of a dispute of science with Didier Raoult, the scholar of Marseilles, have pushed the police officers of the Uclat, the unit of the ministry of the Interior, now melted within ISB, which assesses the threats against the personalities, to advocate for the protection of the minister.

With two police officers that follow, Agnès Buzyn, is classified as ” Uclat 4 “. In the jargon of the police close protection, the mission is more akin to the support that a protection stricto sensu linked to a specific threat. When the life of a personality is threatened physically, it is ranked Uclat 1 or Uclat 2 with a larger number of police officers in surveillance.

Contacted, Agnès Buzyn did not respond to our solicitations.