As the people in north jutland in the Friday night super League match played 3-3 against Randers FC, scoring the 18-year-old striker’s two goals and is in the current season, thus it took seven direct hits.

nevertheless, the hung he a bit with the head, as B. T. caught up with him for a chat after the match.

“You can’t been more than a little bit disappointed. We are totally in the game in the second half, and has an enormous opportunity to the very end,” said Mike Kaufmann.

He is in the next week selected for the Danish U19-national games against Finland, the Faroe islands and France. But since he is against Randers FC had a hofteskade, his participation is regarded as being in danger.

“Now we shall see. I will be meeting up at the camp Sunday, but before doing so, it is probably best that I just get checked to see the extent of the damage. Hopefully it’s just a battle, there is a reason for it right now hurts,” said Mike Kaufmann.

He was praised to the skies by the AaB’s head coach Jacob Friis.

“Mikkel is a skilled player, and he can be much better than he is today. He is certainly on the right path. As I see it, he has, in the long term the potential to become an AaB profile,” said Jacob Friis.

Overall, he was far from satisfied with his team’s overall performance.

“There were some things that were not sufficiently well done. When Milanobet you score three goals, is there anything that doesn’t match. On the whole, I think that it was a match that was filled with too many technical errors,” said Jacob Friis.

the AaB came in front 1-0 already after one and a half minute of play when Lucas Andersen smart played Mikkel Kaufmann free to the scoring.

But Randers FC came strongly again, and led to scores of Vito Hammershøy-Mistrati and Mathias Nielsen 2-1 at the break.

After the break and took AaB the lead and got equalized to 2-2 on a header by Magnus Christensen.

It seemed the home team however, is not the frustrate of the and in the the 68. minute scored the Al-Hadji Kamara to 3-2. The lead held, however, only five minutes, after which Sarah Kaufmann was listed for the match the goal to the final result 3-3.

“At the very end, we have the ability to score to 4-3. Unfortunately, it is not. But of course, it would have been fantastic,” said Jacob Friis.

After his daughter for a couple of weeks ago was diagnosed with leukemia, he has only sporadically participated in the AaB’s trainings. In return he has only faced in a single battle.

“I’m not ‘the week the guest’ that pop up once in a while. Admittedly I have a period of settled me in Aarhus in order to be close to my sick daughter. But we are in the AaB about the trainings and matches by to be back in the normal procedure,” said Jacob Friis.