a spokesman for the Prosecutor’s office in Bruges, said on Thursday the AFP news Agency said. Also in Portugal, and the Netherlands possible Connections to the suspect, Christian B. will be investigated.

The three-year-old Madeleine “Maddie” McCann disappeared in 2007 from a Portuguese holiday complex on the Südalgarve and was not found until today. Last week it was announced that the brown determined Schweiger prosecutors in the case for murder against the multiple convicted sex offenders b. The 43-Year-old currently serving time for drug trafficking in Schleswig-Holstein poison in prison.

The 16-year-old Carola Titze: mutilated body

Carola Titze was killed in 1996 in Belgium. The mutilated corpse of the 16-year-old German tourist was found in the Belgian coastal village of De Haan. The investigation focused on a German Suspects in their early twenties. The former judge Paul Gevaert had brought last week, a possible connection with Christian B. to the game. “The description fits,” said Gevaert, the newspaper “De Standaard”.

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B. to have between 1995 and 2007 in the Algarve lived. “The fact that he was so long in Portugal, would explain why we never found it,” said the now retired Belgian judge Gevaert. His investigation in the case of Carola Titze had been set in 2016, have now been included again, as the Prosecutor’s office confirmed. Uncredited/AP/dpa

In Portugal, asked the stepfather of a 2004 missing girl the authorities to investigate possible Links to Christian B.. The eight-year-old Joana Cipriano disappeared in September 2004 in the village of Figueira at the Südalgarve. Also she was never found. The Portuguese public Prosecutor’s office had indicated on Tuesday that the Suspects with other cases, in Portugal, in connection, mentioned but not explicitly the case, Joana.

Netherlands: seven-year-old Boy in 1995 disappeared

Also in the Netherlands B. deals with the authorities: in 1995, the seven-year-old Portuguese Boy Jair Soares was gone on a beach South of The Hague without a trace. After the investigation had already been last year, and resumed, “we will contact our German colleagues through the appropriate channels” to a possible connection to the Suspect in the other cases to investigate, said a police spokesman.

In Germany, to examine the investigators, whether Christian B. might be for the Disappearance of five-year-old Inga from Sachsen-Anhalt five years ago, responsible. In the case of the six-year-old René from North Rhine-Westphalia, who had disappeared in 1996, in Portugal, the authorities found according to media reports, as yet no evidence of a connection to the other cases.

Christian B. has a history of arrests, including for sexual offences against children. According to the “mirror” he was sentenced due to such offences as early as 1994 in Bavaria and then again in 2016, in lower Saxony, Germany. In 2005, he should have also, in the case of a break-in in Portugal, a 72-year-old US citizen raped. Over 30 degrees and tropical nights: Here beware of heat stress PCP on the weekend Over 30 degrees and tropical nights: Here beware of heat stress

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