at the end of last week, I found another resident the body of a 62-Year-old, reported the news channel “CNN”. Accordingly, the husband was last updated on December 8. May been seen, five days later, the facility had reported him missing.

infection with Covid-19 not excluded

A part of the veterans hospital (Bedford VA) was leased to Caritas. The organization wanted to prevent the widespread homelessness among war veterans, and take care of, for example, the medical care of the residents. Between the hospital and the organization there is, therefore, open questions and contradictions.

According to Caritas Executive Director Karin Cassel, there have been no Corona-related diseases in the leased section are given. Official data show that, died in the hospital itself, however, already 33 people to the consequences of the Virus. 266 cases would be a total of has been registered. Whether the Veteran died of an infection, it should be clarified.

the dispute to the jurisdiction of the body discovery site

The staircase no longer belong to according to the Caritas to the rented section, and be “solely of Bedford VA under control.” Kat Bailey, a spokeswoman for the hospital, said, however: “A non-VA resident, was found dead on the Bedford VA Campus, in an Area which has been leased from a private company.”

This Statement, according to Cassel, however, is not correct, because the veterans hospital had even threatened to expel the organization “” if anyone enter this staircase.

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