Brondby beat Esbjerg 2-1 at home at Brøndby Stadion. Both hjemmeholdets goal was scored by Samuel Mraz, who had been given the chance at the top instead of a karantæneramt Kamil Wilczek. Esbjerg got in the second half reduced by Yuri Yakovenko, who headede a corner kick in the goal.

Here are three things we learned from the fight:

the Cash just check on Kamil Wilczek! If we live in a snapshot like this format, there is no boss, there will have efterårssnue of selling unique in scandinavia because the top scorer.

The money from the pole will fall on a really dry place, and it is about time, if Brøndbys states must have a past experience in a bigger league than the Danish.

the Replacement available in the squad, and Samuel Mraz both with højrebenet and the lid, he showed against Esbjerg. He can even go in and threaten the Brøndby-darlingen Wilczek, when he is back from quarantine? Yes, if he continues to play such matches.

It is hard to see Kamil Wilczek and Samuel Mraz form the duo in a longer period of time, exactly as Kamil Wilczek is the service, Mraz free rides on. It is a luksusproblem.

Five wins in a row. Brøndby has certainly got the hang of how to win football matches in the premier League. Not even the evil spirit from Esbjerg, who otherwise came to Betpas Brøndby Stadium with just five victories in a row over the home team, be able to make something up.

Esbjerg felt rightly cheated of a penalty kick in the first half, but the same could Brøndby before, so that was the 1-1. It didn’t on the measured breeding.

Brøndby broke the curse in a battle, where the blågule from the start sat down on the events from a tame away team, who had to use a dødbold to create a little excitement.

It may well be that Esbjerg has been unique in scandinavia because the experts in to beat Bolton, but not with the attitude they came with at the Brøndby Stadion on Sunday evening.

Although vestjyderne from the middle of the first half went behind, there was nothing changed in their approach. Not at 0-2.

They let Bolton play the ball calmly around and did not really anything to change the outcome. The reduction dropped randomly after a corner kick. And why did udskiftningerne so late?

A tame performance from Lars Olsen’s crew. Maybe he should have advised more at seatmate Claus Nørgaard, who for a month and a half ago beat Brøndby with the same crew.