members had reported the woman on Sunday night as missing, after the Jogger had broken out in the forest area and three hours later returned, police said on Monday. When the police opened then search measures, was returned to the 27-Year-old obviously hurt home.

woman has alleged rapist, from Berlin, is described in a

police Brandenburg With this phantom image of the police to the Suspect.

you have specified to be of an Unknown and in a Bush pulled overwhelmed to have been reported to the police. There the man is supposed to have passed in the 27-Year-old. Later, it has managed to break free and escape.

The woman, who is said to have worn, among other things, skin abrasions, was supplied by rescue workers. The immediately initiated investigation of the measures to the offender – with a police helicopter and departs for the search dogs – had no success. The police is now looking for witnesses or information to the Sexulverbrechen. “She has never seen with a mask”: a journalist puts Merkel burning question, FOCUS Online/Wochit “she has never seen with a mask”: a journalist puts Merkel explosive issue