The ongoing negotiations in Hollywood between the studios and the screenwriters’ union ended late Thursday evening (local time) without an agreement. According to the Writers Guild (WGA), representatives of the writers’ union and film and television producers (AMPTP) should continue their discussions on Friday.

After weeks of standstill in the US screenwriters’ strike, which has been going on for almost five months, negotiations resumed on Wednesday. According to reports in the industry publications “Variety” and “Hollywood Reporter”, the talks were attended by, among others, Disney boss Bob Iger, CEO David Zaslav of media giant Warner Bros. Discovery, Ted Sarandos of Netflix and Donna Langley, chairwoman of the Universal Pictures studio.

The Writers Guild’s more than 11,000 screenwriters have been on strike since early May. In mid-July, around 160,000 actors from the acting union SAG-AFTRA also joined the writers. Among other things, they demand better remuneration and rules for the use of artificial intelligence.