Amelie is frustrated because Julius doesn’t want to go to Geneva and takes her anger out on Jorik and Henriette until Jorik clearly tells her his opinion. Leyla would like to stay in Marvin’s shared apartment while her family is away in Istanbul. Marvin agrees, but emphasizes that they are just friends. But as he treats Leyla’s injured shoulder, a surprise kiss develops.

Ana doubts her former love for Philipp in front of Vincent. Vincent cautiously says that she may have confused gratitude with love. But after Ana dreams of Philipp’s farewell and wakes up crying, she realizes that her feelings for Philipp were real and still exist. Nicole praises Vincent for helping Ana understand the situation, noting that he still loves Ana.

Easy and Charlotte are happy to see each other again after many years and quickly reconnect with their old bond, which not everyone likes. Stella loses her job as a lawyer and thinks about what she should do professionally. Britta doesn’t want to appear messy in front of Theo again, so she keeps a mistake a secret until she can fix it.

Kilian remains optimistic about the pharmaceutical company, while Simone, who has reconciled with her family, thinks about the partnership. Leyla seeks clarity about Simone’s opinion of her, which awakens surprising powers within her. Imani, realizing that she has acted on her fantasy, focuses on quickly forgetting what happened.

There is radio silence between Flo and Jonas, and when they meet, Jonas shows how much he is still hurt. Flo regrets her argument and looks for a way to reconcile with Jonas. Paul is also upset after an attack by Carlos, especially because he fears that Alicia will now find out about his feelings, which will cause problems for him.