Mo unleashes his anger on Julius to suppress his feelings for him. Julius then gives up hope of a relationship and auctions off Mo’s perfume “Heidesommer” for a good cause. Mo is surprisingly affected and tries to auction off the perfume himself, which leads to a tentative rapprochement between the two. But then Mo finds out that Julius is planning to leave Lüneburg for Geneva. Gunter is horrified when he finds out that someone is using his identity to scam women on a dating platform. He and Merle try in vain to catch the fraudster. Gunter wants to leave the further investigation to the police, but Merle is determined to continue the fight.

Vincent is shocked by Natalie’s confession and desperately wants to talk to Ana, but fears she won’t believe him. Erik convinces him that Natalie has a responsibility. She agrees to have a clarifying conversation with Ana and admit her lies. Meanwhile, Ana is overjoyed with Philipp and dreams of a future together. Helene is unsure whether she should get involved in a relationship with Günther because his lies and the potential harm to Tonia are haunting her mind. However, Tonia gives her her blessing and is already thinking about her next trip.

As Ute’s loyal friend, Britta clears out Patrizia’s things from the apartment and comes across evidence of her closeness to Benedikt. Cecilia and Paula are initially enthusiastic about their first fitness training, but soon the muscles begin to sore. When Vivien has to be quarantined due to the flu, Tobias remains solely responsible for Leo’s care and teamwork is required.

Lucie is faced with the challenge of representing the Steinkamps at the center, but her entrance exam unexpectedly drags on. How will she decide? Isabelle and Yannick prepare to celebrate their anniversary, even if the date is also fraught with negative memories.

Flo is mistakenly convinced that Johanna is cheating on Jonas. When Johanna and Jonas once again demonstrate their happy life together, Flo’s collar bursts and she confronts Johanna. Carlos experiences a rollercoaster of emotions when Rosa drops him an envelope. However, the content does not meet his expectations and only offers him a short-term solution.