Tom Hanks (66) is surprised at the lack of attention from his fans for his film “Road to Perdition”. When his career is talked about, the 2002 gangster thriller is always neglected, the actor complained in the podcast “ReelBlend”.

“Road to Perdition” is an “incredibly important film” for Hanks. In the work of Sam Mendes (57, “American Beauty”), the Oscar winner played a contract killer. For the first time in his career, Hanks embodied a murderer – even if he is purified.

But for Hanks, the film sticks in people’s minds for other reasons. Because of his mustache, but also because of the people involved in the film. Cameraman Conrad Hall (1926-2003) died shortly after filming and was awarded the Oscar posthumously.

Also starring were two colleagues who, according to Hanks, would later be among the stars with the greatest screen presence: Jude Law (50) and Daniel Craig (54). “And I shot both of them,” Hanks joked. He could also have mentioned acting legend Paul Newman. “Road to Perdition” was his last film.

But Tom Hanks consoles himself with the thought that the film can at least be discovered impartially by later generations. He likes to do it himself. “The more obscure and unknown a film from the 1940s or 1950s is, the better, because I have no preconceived notions about it; I know nothing about it”.