These two will probably no longer be friends. Ryan Reynolds (45) and T.J. Miller (41) stood together in front of the camera for the first two “Deadpool” films. According to Miller, however, the collaboration was anything but harmonious. “He hates me. I can imagine him hating me,” the comedian explained on The Adam Carolla Show podcast. The ex-Weasel actor went on to claim that the massive success of the Deadpool movies has changed Reynolds. Today Miller wouldn’t want to work with him anymore.

“Somehow I still wish him all the best because he plays Deadpool really well. I just find it strange that he hates me,” said the 41-year-old. When asked by the show host if Miller was sure Reynolds hated him, he recalled a specific incident on the “Deadpool” set. During an impromptu scene, Reynolds behaved “terribly mean” to Miller, he revealed. He felt “weird” because of his co-star’s staged insults.

As Miller further emphasized, this was not the only thing he noticed negatively. The staff and colleagues on the set also found Reynolds’ behavior inappropriate. Miller did not confront him after the incident. He explains it by saying that the Canadian is “possibly an insecure guy”.

Miller will not reprise his role as Weasel in the third “Deadpool” part. In the podcast, he claimed he would not have played the role again, even for double the fee. The reason for this is on the one hand the conflict with Ryan Reynolds, on the other hand he does not want to do anything longer than five years.

TJ However, Miller’s appearance on the podcast only reflects one point of view. Ryan Reynolds has not yet commented on his former colleague’s statements. When the second “Deadpool” was released in theaters in 2018, Miller was hit with allegations of sexual abuse. The actor denied all allegations at the time.