On Friday evening (May 17th) not only the semi-finals of “Let’s Dance” took place, but also the grand finale of “The Voice Kids” on Sat.1. Wincent Weiss (31) was able to triumph among the coaches this year: 15-year-old Jakob from his team prevailed against his opponents and won the twelfth season of the popular singing competition.

For Wincent Weiss it is the first victory on “The Voice Kids”. Jakob already shone in the blind auditions with his surprisingly deep voice. In the finale he performed the emotional classic “The Sound Of Silence” by Simon

Weiss hugged Jakob after his performance on stage. “I’m so proud of you,” said the singer. “Your voice is out of this world, which is just not normal for an age. You’re 15 years old and you have a voice like four generations combined. It’s truly incredible. You’ve grown so dear to me.” The 15-year-old couldn’t hold back his tears of joy after the decision: “An incredible feeling.”