You don’t usually know her so emotionally: “Tatort” star ChrisTine Urwurf (53) cries in front of the camera and is completely distraught. These scenes are this Wednesday (October 4th, 8:15 p.m., RTL) in the third episode of the reality crime show “The Traitors – Trust Nobody!” to see. In the show, which is based on the Dutch model, prominent candidates have to find out which of them is not a “loyalist” but a “traitor”. If you don’t want to know why the actress loses her temper so much, you shouldn’t read any further. Spoiler alert!

After actor Florian Fitz (55) was exposed as a traitor, the two remaining traitors, rapper Jalil (36) and singer Anna-Carina Woitschack (30), can invite a loyal person to defect to their side. The invitation from Jalil and Woitschack goes to ChrisTine Urdict – and triggers a chaos of emotions in her. The actress describes how she found out: “At some point during the night there was a knock on my door and then I got the letter. I opened it and it was rattling in my head: ‘What should I do?’ I have nothing to lose. I accept the offer. I am a traitor.” She is then allowed to meet the other two traitors – and is amazed: “The moment when they lifted their hoods, it was really like this: ‘Ah, you! Ah, you?’ I didn’t expect that because I really didn’t have Jalil on my radar at all and I wasn’t really sure about Anna-Carina.” But she feels “directly allied somehow”: “We are now brothers and sisters in our hearts.”

The actress immediately worries about being exposed quickly. “But you know that I’m on the launching pad? That’s why we have to be really careful. How I come across, how I behave…” And actually, the very next morning she is approached by “Princess Charming” star Irina Hülse ( 32) tackled harshly, causing her to burst into tears. Hose says: “I think I hit a sore spot there. On the one hand, it confirmed my suspicions a little bit, but on the other hand, I was really sorry at that moment.”

For ChrisTine Urwurf, the change in her position is associated with a lot of emotions, the situation puts a lot of pressure on her and she appears completely distraught in the individual interview: “Of course there is also the pressure that comes with it. I don’t know whether I can get through it either until the end.” On the other hand, she also thinks: “‘How cool is that?’ I have been both a loyalist and now I can be a traitor.” And it remains exciting: The traitors carry out a “poison murder” during a cocktail party – whoever gets caught will be shown on RTL next week.

In the show, a total of 16 stars fight for 50,000 euros. Among them are three traitors who want to get their hands on the treasure on their own. You are allowed to eliminate one of the other contestants each night. The loyal ones, on the other hand, have to unmask a traitor. Unlike the celebrities, the viewers know from the start who the traitors are and can cheer on whether the loyal ones are on the right track. The concept is reminiscent of the party game Werewolves.