Klaus Claus was exposed on the ProSieben show “The Masked Singer”. Singer Tim Bendzko (38, “Just briefly save the world”) was hidden under the mask. At the end of the semi-final edition of the show on Saturday evening (December 16th), the 38-year-old lost out to the Lulatsch and the Mustang in the final vote of the viewers.

In an interview with presenter Viviane Geppert (32) on the “ProSieben Aftershow,” Tim Bendzko said he didn’t expect that he would even get this far on “The Masked Singer.” “I would have bet a lot that you would say my name after a second in the first broadcast,” explained the musician.

The “The Masked Singer” advice team received support on Saturday evening from singer Rea Garvey (50), who was a guest in the semi-finals of the ninth season. Comedian Rick Kavanian (52), who has taken over the permanent place of singer Álvaro Soler (32), and presenter Ruth Moschner (47), who remains true to her role as a permanent member of the advice team, sat next to him. Garvey brought a lot of “Masked Singer” experience with him. He has already puzzled in seasons two, four, five, six and eight as a permanent member of the guessing team and several times as a guessing guest.

The following masks are now in the finale of the show: the troll, the lulatsch, the mustang and the ice princess. So far, in addition to Tim Bendzko alias Klaus Claus, singer Katja Ebstein (78) as Okapi, model Eva Padberg (43) as a fire extinguisher, TV star Jenke von Wilmsdorff (58) as a Martian mouse and actors had to be eliminated in episode four last week Say goodbye to Uwe Ochsenknecht (67) aka the Kiwi.

The fall season of “The Masked Singer” has been running since November 18th, and the finale of the sixth episode is scheduled to take place on December 23rd.