In a new reality show, fans will soon be able to gain new insights into the private life of Oscar winner Sylvester Stallone (76). Now the start date for “The Family Stallone” is also known. As the streaming service Paramount announced, the documentary series about the US star and his family will premiere on July 14 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The show, initially planned for eight episodes, will accompany Stallone, his longtime wife Jennifer Flavin (54) and their three daughters Sophia (26), Sistine (24) and Scarlet (20) in their private lives and above all the “Rocky” star in his role as a family man. According to the press release, “The Family Stallone” should offer viewers “a seat at the table of one of Hollywood’s most famous families”.

Many viewers should really get to know Stallone’s wife Jennifer Flavin and their daughters Sophia, Sistine and Scarlet for the first time through the new show. Flavin co-owns cosmetics and beauty line Serious Skin Care, while daughters Sistine and Scarlet want to follow in their famous father’s footsteps and become actresses. Scarlet Stallone has also starred alongside her father in the hit series Tulsa King, which is also based on Paramount.

So far it is unclear whether Stallone and Flavin’s marital problems will also be an issue in “The Family Stallone”. Flavin filed for divorce last August after 25 years of marriage. But just a few weeks later, the couple reconciled and put the previous differences to rest. Looking back on those turbulent weeks, Stallone told The Sunday Times in October: “There was a renewed realization of what is absolutely most important to me, and that’s my love for my family.”