So now get to the bacon! In episode two of the popular dome show, the 20 selected candidates move into their villa and wait for their first dates with Bachelor David. Of course, as always, the ladies find their holiday home with a pool extremely charming, but an innovation from RTL is met with subtle displeasure: Some beds are outside in the open (“But there are really no fly screens here,” as Jana correctly states) and the candidates have to be there sleeping close together. In addition, there is no run with extended elbows on the best beds as in the past, but name tags were distributed in advance, which assign each lady her place. Are we seeing disgruntled faces?!

Leyla, who reveals herself to the others as an enthusiastic kitchen fairy, doesn’t seem grumpy at all. We like the naïve 26-year-old despite her well-made lips and bust size, but we begin to doubt her qualities as a cook when, disappointed, she holds a spaghetto in her hand and says: “I thought that have a hole in it!” She probably means macaroni? And then she also wonders why the pasta water isn’t boiling – until the clever Saskia realizes that the stove isn’t even switched on. Oh Leyla.

And it goes straight on like this is a slapstick show. When a group of muscular men enter the villa and one introduces himself in English with a Spanish accent: “My name is Claudio and I am an instructor”, i.e.: I am Claudio and your trainer, do the ladies understand “I am a stripper” , all yell “Woo-hoo, stripper!”, jump up and dance. What?! In reality, however, Claudio and his boys should prepare Henriette, Angelina, Leyla and Tammy for the first adventurous date with David: skydiving. Not all the chosen ones look excited about it.

Jumping out of a tiny plane strapped to a complete stranger isn’t for everyone. Great respect therefore for Angelina, who was in serious panic and was still the first to dare the parachute jump. Tammy feigns adventure, but looks a bit worried too. Leyla makes no secret of her fear, but she also jumps bravely. Dangling from the parachute, stretched in the safety harness, she reveals to the man behind her that her “titties are in a special situation”. OK.

Then David takes a short walk along the beach with some women, obviously likes the cute Angelina, is disappointed that Tammy’s real name is just “Tamara” – after she made such a fuss and kept it secret. David grumbles: “Not that spectacular, I’d say.” Angelina is then allowed to stay longer when the others are sent back to the villa. And now we’re a bit jealous for the first time: You and David are allowed to release baby turtles from a breeding station into the open sea. “Meeeeeegasweet,” says Angelina, and of course she’s right.

In the villa, on the other hand, it is much less pleasant. First, on the first day, there is a clear rift between the more down-to-earth candidates Giovanna and Lisa 2 (the brunette travel friend) and the chattering rest, and then blonde Danielle also realizes that she actually doesn’t feel like doing the bachelor’s degree at all. Could that have something to do with the fact that he didn’t really appreciate their champagne delivery service on the very first evening? Anyway, she wants to go home now. Her fellow campaigners feign rather lukewarm sadness at this loss. Danielle even had to order her over for a group hug when she wanted to scramble away with her suitcase on wheels.

And then Angelina (nickname “Utze” – please don’t ask about the background) comes back from her date with David. The two actually had a nice chat, including about lay psychology books, and the 28-year-old is blissful. Leyla, on the other hand, is bitterly jealous. The only consolation: there was no kissing.

But it doesn’t get any better for Leyla either, because the next day there’s a chance for a single date: David wants to take a woman out to dance. However, it’s not her again – but rap journalist Chiara, who seemed like a favorite from the very first moment.

In fact, it turns out to be good that there was something there beforehand – the “single date” consists mostly of Chiara and David practicing a choreography separately all afternoon with a dance coach, which they are then allowed to dance together once in the evening . After that, of course, there is cuddling on the sofa, although Chiara looks into the camera a touch too often. She says profound things like, “For me, love lives on acceptance and not compromise,” leading David to concede, “To me, Chiara is a really mature woman.” Well.

Chiara later gets her nice date sold in the villa as a spectacular date: It was “very intense”, even “a bit like getting married”. um The looks of the competitors speak volumes that jealousy ferments. But David also proves to be a talented diplomat from afar and invites some of the previously spurned ladies on a group date the following day. Alyssa, Manina, Saskia, Pamela, Jana, Colleen and Fiona are allowed to be there, seven sad women are left behind without an invitation. Giovanna even sheds a few tears.

It wouldn’t have been necessary: ​​The date consists primarily of David driving the girls over very bumpy roads in an old VW Bulli. Pamela attests to the exhausting drive through Mexico’s streets with a “Europopapark feeling”. After all, there is a stop at a beach club, where the pretty psychologist Colleen (very made-up face, but well done) talks about her trash TV experience (she was on “The Mole”) and thus upsets the bachelor. Compared to RTL, he directly assumes that she only participates for fame and Instagram followers. Probably rightly so. The two speak out, but between us: That will probably be nothing more.

And then immediately after that the next disaster, and this time a real one: When the bachelor offers a round of ice cream, there is a choice between vanilla and chocolate. Saskia bursts with the undoubtedly racist saying: “Then I’ll take you as chocolate!” out of here. To her credit, the girls were given a good dose of tequila beforehand. To her credit, she instantly realizes that was wrong and tries a giggly apology. “Yeah, awkward,” says David coolly, and for the first time he doesn’t smile diplomatically at an embarrassment. He finds the spell right next to it. Understandable.

What began as a relaxed group date is gradually becoming a screening campaign for the bachelor. Colleen is given a question mark on his imaginary list, as is Saskia, and then Jana also talks about her child and her estranged husband. Pamela, for her part, shouldn’t have caused any positives when she asked the muscular David if he “actually does sports”. Ayyyy.

And then the time has come: The Night of the Roses. Before David distributes his flowers, all the ladies take the opportunity to chat with the bachelor for a few minutes. Especially the ones who didn’t have a date with him that week. Our darling Yolanda comments creatively and aptly: “It’s like a hot cake at the real market!”

Then something unusual happens: The bachelor gathers all the women who have been sitting in the villa with rainy weather faces for the past few days because they had not received any invitations – i.e. Yolanda, the two Lisas, Giovanna, Xenia, Maike and Rebecca – and everyone is already getting one Rose. The rest of the ladies watch with mixed feelings. The final award of the flowers then becomes really exciting: for some reason, Colleen gets ahead, as does the somewhat strenuous Fiona. Leyla, in love, trembles bitterly to the end, but then gets the last rose. Pamela (pretty but has been extremely shallow so far) and, unsurprisingly, Saskia have to go.

So we leave the second episode with Angelina and Chiara as favorites. Of course, if we had our way, Yolanda would get all the dates next week. Maybe the bachelor has an ear for us.