“Tagesschau” spokeswoman Susanne Daubner is happy to have controlled her fit of laughter on Wednesday in the middle of the morning news. “Thank God I found my composure again,” said the 62-year-old spokeswoman for “Bild”. Her fit of laughter was triggered by a situation that she “couldn’t really explain”. “Still engrossed in a new report, I heard Sven Lorig in the background and thought: Oh dear, I’m already on the air. And just then I had to burst out laughing. It felt like it took an eternity.”

Daubner was apparently thrown out of step with the first message on Wednesday due to a humorous transition from the “moma” team Anna Planken and Sven Lorig. Lorig had been wondering about rugby rules. After the sentence “Good morning, ladies and gentlemen,” Daubner had to pause and giggle.

Lorig, who went down on his knees to apologize for Daubner in the “Morgenmagazin”, told “Bild” that “this laughing accident” had taken him by surprise at first. “At first I had no idea what exactly had happened. That’s why I wanted to show her clearly by kneeling, with great respect and affection, that I had no intention at all of disturbing her.” He still found the breakdown funny. “I found it extremely likeable and wonderfully funny how she tried again and again to achieve her serious, professional “Tagesschau” tone and failed funny every time,” he said.

Daubner’s fit of laughter received a unanimously positive response on social media. A number of Facebook users wrote that they spontaneously laughed along.