Of the applicants for Germany’s ESC contribution 2023, most viewers have probably only come across Frida Gold, Leslie Clio or Ikke Hipgold. At least one of these acts is not even allowed to compete in the preliminary round in Cologne because of the new competition rules.

On Friday, Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR) published the list for the show “Eurovision Song Contest 2023 – Our Song for Liverpool” on March 3 (10:20 p.m.) on the first. Eight places for the TV show have already been set, one last starting place will be awarded via the social network Tiktok.

Singer/songwriter-artist Leslie Clio (“I Couldn’t Care Less”) guest-starred on the 2022 television show “The Masked Singer” in the costume of the “Tooth Fairy.” Like Ikke Hipgold – producer of the scandal song “Layla” – she is one of six artists who Tiktok users are still allowed to vote on. Only one of these acts will be able to compete for the Liverpool appearance on the TV show.

At Tiktok, Betül, From Fall to Spring, Jona, Mitchy Katawazi with André Katawazi and Nashup are also trying to get the last starting place. On February 4th it will be decided who will be allowed to make the preliminary decision. Tiktok is a video network that has a very young target group.

A team of experts selected the eight acts that will definitely be performing on March 3rd. The duo Frida Gold from the Bochum area is sure to be in the preliminary round. The NDR: “Your contribution “All women in me are tired” is a ballad that reflects on being a woman and the social ills associated with it.” And who else is there?

Will Church is a singer/songwriter from Berlin, the broadcaster explained. “With the power ballad “Hold on” he sends a signal to everyone who is threatened by the social pressure to succeed.”

Patty Gurdy from Düsseldorf plays the folk instrument hurdy-gurdy. “With her song “Melodies Of Hope” about confidence and cohesion in difficult times, she now wants to touch the audience at the ESC.”

In Vietnam, Trong is already a pop star. He grew up in Bad Kissingen, Bavaria. “His Nu Disco song ‘Dare To Be Different’ is about the confidence to stand up for yourself.”

Lord Of The Lost is a five-piece band from Hamburg St. Pauli, founded in 2009. “Following the success of their 2021 album Judas, Lord Of The Lost perform the title track of their new studio album Blood

René Miller comes from Stuttgart and lives in Berlin and London. “His ESC contribution “Concrete Heart” is a pop anthem with emotional power that tells of a toxic relationship.” According to NDR, he is inspired by pop stars such as Ed Sheeran, Charlie Puth and Lauv.

22-year-old Anica Russo is a singer/songwriter from Berlin. “Your ESC entry “Once Upon A Dream” – a dark pop ballad inspired by church music – tells the inspiring story of someone who faces challenges and setbacks, but still pursues his dreams and always believes in them.”

Lonely Spring are the twin brothers Julian and Simon Fuchs (25) as well as Manuel Schrottenbaum (26) and Matthias Angerer (29) from Passau. “At the ESC they want to convince with the pop-punk song “Misfit”. It’s about the feeling of being a social outsider and being labeled “different”, maybe even “loser” or “weird”. will.”