Important visitors to the Welsh football club Wrexham: Not only the two club owners Ryan Reynolds (46) and Rob McElhenney (45) were present in the stadium on Friday morning. Also King Charles III. (74) and his wife Camilla (75) were seen on the soccer field.

Before heading to the stadium, Charles and Camilla were warmly welcomed by the residents of Wrexham. There was a real rush in the small streets and alleys, as a video on Twitter shows, among other things.

On the football pitch, Charles and Camilla then had a long chat with Reynolds and McElhenney about the club’s development since the two Hollywood stars bought AFC Wrexham in November 2020. Her new sports documentary “Welcome to Wrexham” on Disney also played a role in the royal visit. Charles and Camilla are set to star in a new episode of the series, the Daily Mail reports.

Although the mood in the British royal family is currently quite tense due to the new Netflix documentary by Prince Harry (38) and Duchess Meghan (41), which premiered on December 8, Charles beamed all over his face in the stadium. As photos show, Ryan Reynolds, who is known for his humor, apparently caused a few laughs. According to a Royal correspondent for the “Daily Mail”, the actor was “incredibly excited”.