The pre-production of the gladiator series “Those About To Die” has been in full swing for about six months now. According to the production company’s press release, shooting has now started in Rome. The ten episodes are realized by two well-known filmmakers: “Independence Day” director Roland Emmerich (67) and “Der Fall Collini” director Marco Kreuzpaintner (46) put the screenplays by Robert Rodat (“Saving Private Ryan”) into visually stunning Scene.

Filming will continue until mid-October of this year. For the complex project, the multiple Oscar winner Sir Anthony Hopkins (85) could be won – he embodies Emperor Vespasian. “Game of Thrones” villain Iwan Rheon (37), Sara Martins (45, “Paris, Je T’Aime”) and “Ted Lasso” mime Moe Hashim, to name just a few, hatch for “Those About To The” in the Roman sandals.

It was already announced in the summer of last year that the series will come. Even then, Emmerich was itching to “bring this world of blood, sweat and tears to television”.

Nothing is known about the exact story of the series. Teased as “epic drama about the complex and corrupt world of spectacular gladiatorial combat and horse-drawn carriage racing”. The aim is to “focus on characters from all corners of the Roman Empire”. Similar to Ridley Scott’s (85) “Gladiator”, for example, in addition to bloody action in the Colosseum, the different social classes should also be discussed more closely. The non-fiction book of the same name by author Daniel Mannix serves as a template for doing this as authentically as possible.

A specific start date for “Those About To Die” has not yet been communicated. In view of the fact that the shooting will last until autumn, it should be next year at the earliest.