Around 27 years after the murder of US rapper Tupac Shakur, a suspect is accused of murder. The 60-year-old former gang leader was arrested and charged on Friday morning, police and prosecutors in Las Vegas said. He is in custody and a judge has rejected his temporary release on bail.

In the summer, there was a house search in the case in the city of Henderson in the US state of Nevada, near Las Vegas – which drew attention to the ongoing investigation into the case for the first time in many years.

The 60-year-old defendant had spoken publicly several times in recent years about the fact that he was sitting in the white Cadillac from which the shots were fired at Shakur in 1996. He said in interviews and also wrote in an autobiography that he was the only occupant of the car who was still alive. The 60-year-old emphasized that his nephew fired the fatal shots himself. He himself died in a shooting in 1998.

Millions of fans worldwide

Shakur (“All Eyez on Me”) was one of the most successful rap artists of the 90s. In September 1996, at the age of 25, he was shot on the street in Las Vegas under circumstances that are still unclear and died a few days later. At the time, there were clashes between rival rappers from the East and West Coasts. Just a few months after Shakur, musician The Notorious B.I.G. shot.

Millions of fans worldwide still adore the rapper and his music. Just in July, a ring that Shakur designed himself and wore at his last public appearance was auctioned in New York for around one million dollars (around 950,000 euros). According to auction house Sotheby’s, this was the highest sum ever paid for a piece of hip-hop memorabilia at auction.