Throughout her life, Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022) was a big dog fan, and the queen was particularly fond of corgis. According to media reports, she recently had four four-legged friends: two corgis named Candy and Muick, a corgi dachshund named Sandy and a cocker spaniel named Lissy.

What will happen to the dogs after the Queen’s death? As the expert Ingrid Seward, who has written numerous biographies about the royals, suspects in the British press, the dogs could come into the care of Prince Andrew (62). He had also given his mother the puppy Muick in 2021.

Another possibility, according to journalist and royal expert Penny Junor, would be for the dogs to be left to the long-time royal staff, who have been looking after the animals themselves for decades. For example, Angela Kelly (64), the seamstress and right hand of the Queen, or Paul Whybrew (63), a close employee, are suitable for this job. “Both like the dogs,” Junor told Newsweek, had unimpeded access to the queen and was said to have been very close to her.

Queen Elizabeth II received her first dog, Corgi Lady Susan, from her parents for her 18th birthday. Over the course of her life she has kept more than 30 corgis, many of them descendants of her beloved Susan, whom she was even allowed to accompany on their honeymoon. After her death in 1959, the Queen is said to have personally designed Susan’s headstone, which stands in the grounds of the Sandringham estate.