For the controversial and ambitious candidate Anya, “Germany’s Next Top Model” is over after ten episodes: Unlike her fellow campaigners, the model does not travel to the big casting week in Berlin. Hostess Heidi Klum (49) justified her decision on Thursday evening by saying that the 19-year-old had not practiced again. And so she threw the Berliner out, although she was actually a “big fan” of hers, as Klum told her shortly before the decision. “It’s just unforgettable what happened here,” said Anya, visibly sad about her departure.

With her ambition, the 19-year-old had repeatedly drawn criticism from the other candidates. In the ninth episode a week ago, she was clearly criticized for her performances by Klum and catwalk trainer Nikeata Thompson. She burst into tears in disappointment that the other contestants had to remind her that it was not she but another contestant who was kicked out and needed consolation.

The task of the tenth episode was to stage comic-like outfits. The models wore hair and clothes that looked drawn. To do this, they had to show expressive faces and poses. Guest judge that evening was the US model Ashley Graham (35). In Berlin, the other candidates are now awaiting many castings and the next challenge.