During the coronation ceremony in Westminster Abbey, Prince William (40) gave his father Charles III. (74) swore allegiance. The heir to the throne had previously helped the king put on the royal robe.

The Bishop of Durham placed the royal stole over the king’s shoulders before William, Baroness Merron and supporting bishops donned the royal robe to the king. A particularly touching scene: William kissed his father on the cheek on the throne.

The Archbishop of Canterbury then declared: “Receive this robe. May the Lord clothe you with the robe of righteousness and with the robes of salvation.” Putting on the heavy Edward’s crown then required a few attempts. The archbishop said: “God save the king!” The congregation then repeated the words. After the King was crowned, the bells of Westminster Abbey rang for two minutes and a fanfare sounded. A gun salute was also fired by the Royal Horse Artillery.