Emma Webb could hardly believe her eyes: the Brit is currently running around 257 kilometers across the country to commemorate her late daughter. On the 13th day of her trip she was surprised by a special visitor: Prince William (41). In a video that the grieving mother shared on her Instagram page, among others, you can see how the royal slowly sneaks up from behind and then draws attention to himself with a “boo”.

Webb is visibly surprised in the video and can hardly believe who is standing in front of her. “Oh my God,” you hear her exclaim in amazement. Prince William then gives her a warm hug and chats with her and her fellow campaigners. “Day 13 and this happened. So kind and supportive,” she captioned the video of the heartwarming moment.

On her journey, Webb is accompanied by friends and pulls a 30 kilogram, life-sized wax horse on wheels behind her. The reason: Her daughter Brodie, who died in 2020 at the age of 16, was a passionate rider. The grieving mother wants to use her campaign to collect donations and draw attention to mental health. Daughter Brodie died of suicide in 2020.

According to her website, her journey takes her from Chepstow in Wales, where her daughter’s favorite showplace is located, to the British capital London, where the London International Horse Show is taking place from December 13th to 18th – an event that mother and daughter enjoyed attending together . Prince William met Webb on day 13 of their 19-day trip, in Slough, Berkshire – not far from the Wales family’s new home in Windsor.

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