Singer Pietro Lombardi (30) supports his good friend and “DSDS” colleague Dieter Bohlen (69) on his comeback tour. But will he be fit? Lombardi’s fiancé Laura Maria Rypa (27) is ill. So that he does not get infected, the singer isolated himself at home. But is this precaution enough?

In any case, the couple did not go through a continuous isolation. A story on his Instagram page showed him handing his fiancee a cup of tea. “We are all a bit stricken, unfortunately Laura got it the most,” the former “DSDS” winner told his followers. He should actually be on stage with Dieter Bohlen on April 21 in Kiel, April 22 in Hamburg and April 25 in Dortmund.

At the opening concert in Berlin, the two friends sang the “DSDS” winning song “Call my name” from 2011 and the “DSDS” anthem “We have a dream”. Lombardi posted a video of it after the concert and wrote: “A team. It was really nice” – with a red heart emoji. The two have had a deep friendship since Lombardi’s participation in “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” in 2011. Bohlen dedicated a video to his younger friend on Instagram a few days ago.

It would not be the first time that health has thwarted Lombardi’s father of two. In 2018 he failed to appear in Wittenberg. In 2021 he had to cancel his tour because of Corona. And most recently, in March, he was unable to attend TV appointments because he was suffering from an intestinal infection. As a result, he lost ten kilograms within five days. His fiancée and their son Leano contracted it from him.

Dieter Bohlen’s comeback tour leads through twelve cities. The last concert will take place on May 7th in Cologne.