Barely a week after Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan were chased by a horde of paparazzi in New York, the story is still stirring. There are now different versions of the alleged chase that is said to have taken place on Tuesday evening after an event in Midtown Manhattan.

Recently, several paparazzi spoke to the “New York Times” and described their view of things. “It’s a messed up business,” admitted one photographer. Another revealed he followed Meghan and Harry himself, but declined to give further details without being paid. According to one of the paparazzi, it was a “favourable” coincidence that Harry’s lawyer spoke in court in London on Tuesday of all days to ensure that the dropout royal received police protection on home visits.

You don’t have to be very knowledgeable to understand what he’s implying: Harry might at least have hyped up the story of the chase to underline his claims in London. An accusation that upsets the couple themselves.

“With all due respect, given the Duke’s family history, you really wouldn’t have to take credit for the couple or anyone associated with them to believe this was some sort of PR stunt. Honestly, I don’t think so That’s disgusting,” a spokeswoman for the Sussexes told the New York Times. Similarly, US journalist Gayle King told Page Six: “I find it disturbing that anyone is trying to downplay what this would mean for them.”

It is obvious that the incident awakens old trauma, especially in Prince Harry. His own mother, Princess Diana, died in a Paris tunnel in late summer 1997 after numerous photographers followed her vehicle and chased her. In his autobiography “Reserve” (“Spare”), Prince Harry reveals that he was in Paris himself a few years after her death and drove the route. He asked his driver to drive at the same speed as Diana’s driver had done in 1997.

Sources: “New York Times”

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