Actually, May 6 should be all about King Charles III. (74) – after all, he will be officially crowned in a solemn ceremony on this day. But the British broadcaster Channel 4 will reportedly come up with a contrast program. So they decided to broadcast the royal-critical documentary “Andrew – The Problem Prince” on the coronation day, which deals with the scandals surrounding Charles’ younger brother Prince Andrew (63).

The focus of the documentary is therefore the disastrous interview that Andrew gave to Emily Maitlis (52) from the BBC in 2019. In it he actually wanted to cleanse his reputation, which had suffered badly in the wake of the Epstein scandal. But the opposite was the case: The royal entangled himself in bizarre excuses and contradictions during the conversation, so that the interview acted as a kind of catalyst for the decline of the royal.

As is well known, his royal dignity was subsequently removed, and since then Andrew has no longer been one of the members of the royal family who are allowed to perform public duties. He also paid an out-of-court sum in the millions about three years after the breakdown interview with a woman named Virginia Roberts Giuffre (39). She had stated that she was forced to have sex with the prince when she was a minor.

Will “Andrew – The Problem Prince” be the only distraction on May 6th? The solo return of Prince Harry (38), who will attend the coronation without his wife Meghan (41) and their children, is eagerly awaited. In addition to Andrew, Harry, who emigrated to the USA, recently made the most headlines that put the British royal family in a bad light. First and foremost with his alleged revelation biography “Reserve”.