They are bitter words from a woman who feels used and abandoned. In an interview with the “Bild” newspaper, Nadja Abd el Farrag (58) aka “Naddel” once again spoke openly about her long-term relationship with Dieter Bohlen (69). The pop titan does anything but well in it.

“I was with Dieter for eleven and a half years. I ran the whole household. The full program with everything, including the animals,” remembers “Naddel”. She and Bohlen had four dogs and two horses. The worst thing for her, however, was “window cleaning”. Bohlen didn’t want a cleaning lady at the time, she revealed.

Abd el Farrag did not receive any money for her work as a singer in Bohlen’s “Blue System” project, which was launched in 1987 after the dissolution of Modern Talking: Bohlen was of the opinion that she had earned enough money through him . The 58-year-old: “When I moved out, there wasn’t a cent.”

In the mid-90s, Bohlen had a short liaison with Verona Pooth (54). When this failed after just a few weeks, Bohlen returned to her: “In, out – I was brought back again and again.” In 2001, the final love-off came: “We phoned maybe five more times. There was a meeting, but then there was a scandal again. That’s it.”

“Naddel” also speaks openly about her money worries. “If I have some in my wallet, I’ll knock it out. Even if I know there’s nothing left in the account. As long as there’s something in the account, I enjoy it. I can still suffer later,” she says “Image” cited.

The interview was conducted as part of the program “Ellermanns Welt”, which will be broadcast next Sunday at 7:45 p.m. on Hamburg1.