Actress and author Marie Theres Relin (57) makes allegations of abuse in her book “Scenes of No Marriage,” according to the magazine “Bunte.” In the work that she wrote together with her ex-husband Franz deflowered – without violence, but against my will.”

“Bunte” continues to quote from the book, which will be published on October 2nd: “I denied myself – for the sake of peace … the all-powerful famous family breathing down my neck, which took away my breath.”

According to “Bunte,” the 57-year-old further writes: “I knew that I couldn’t confide the events of that night to anyone.” Her mother would never have believed her. “She would have defended herself vehemently if someone had spread dirt on the family with pointed fingers. She would have insisted on evidence or even suspected me of being a Lolita. I was ashamed.”

She doesn’t mention her uncle’s name in her book, nor in the interview with “Bunte,” as the magazine explains. Relin said in an interview with the magazine: “It’s not about denouncing anyone. It’s about drawing attention to the abuse in many families, which happens millions of times. The family is the most dangerous place for a child , not the evil stranger. But change begins where you address things. That’s what I’m doing now, now I have the power.”

Marie Theres Relin is the daughter of Maria Schell and the film director Veit Relin (1926-2013). She married the playwright and actor Franz Xaver Kroetz in 1992. The marriage ended in divorce in 2006. Relin works successfully as an actress and author.