Whether in the apartment or on the balcony, in the garden or on the terrace: indoor plants can be found in millions of households. They are decorative and create a cozy ambience in every room. On top of that, they have a practical use by cleaning the air and producing oxygen. So there’s actually no reason to do without the green roommates – unless they simply don’t have the space. Small rooms, a lack of window sills and a lack of light sources make it difficult to acquire new indoor plants. Plant stands can be used to solve the problem.

The name says it all: A plant stand is usually made of wood, rattan, metal or plastic and has several advantages – it offers more space for one or more indoor plants and puts them (literally) in a better light. Due to the exposed position, the green housemates soak up more sun, especially in dark rooms, and they no longer get dust on the floor. Which model is right for you depends on the size of your home and the number of plants you have. Below we present a few different plant stands.

1. Plant Stand Mid-Century Modern Style

This plant stand made of real, oiled beech wood is handcrafted in Stuttgart and is available in two color schemes: (black and natural). It is 25 centimeters high, 14 centimeters wide and deep – and is therefore ideal for small indoor plants. Visit Etsy for even more inspiration.

2. Standing plant shelf with coasters

This bamboo plant stand offers space for several green roommates: at least seven medium to large flower pots fit on the built-in steps at different heights – or even more if you place two small flower pots (e.g. succulents) next to each other.

3. Staircase plant stand with three tiers

With its three steps (which can be moved individually), this nostalgic plant stand is reminiscent of a staircase. The metal has been specially modified on the surface to give it a used look and a vintage touch. Several indoor plants can be accommodated on the grids.

4. Plant stand with anti-rust coating

This iron plant stand is also made of metal: with a load capacity of up to 100 kilograms, large and heavy plants can be accommodated on it. Thanks to the rust-proof coating, the model is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The stand comes in two colors: brown and black.

5. Three-Shelf Corner Plant Rack

If you want to put your plant stand in the corner, we recommend a corner shelf – for example from Ikea: This model made of solid acacia has three shelves of different sizes, so that (in theory) at least one small, one medium-sized and one large houseplant fit on it.

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