When Taylor Swift falls into bed in the evening after a concert on her world tour, which has been going on for months, the 34-year-old has become a few million dollars richer. The singer is breaking all records with her “Eras” tour and dethroned Elton John, whose farewell tour was previously considered the most lucrative concert series in history. What this means for her is that every appearance brings between ten and 13 million US dollars into her account. Swift has become a billionaire thanks to the tour. But what does she spend her wealth on?

Taylor Swift hardly ever talks about money, but the fact that she has long been living a life of extreme luxury always comes through. For example, when Swift sings on her album “Lover” that she rents an apartment on Cornelia Street, fans know that she actually once lived on the street of the same name in New York’s West Village. According to Forbes, the rent is just $45,000 a month. So it’s no wonder that the pop star usually buys straight away: Swift’s real estate portfolio is worth an estimated $150 million and is so full that even the real estate agents from “Selling Sunset” would turn pale in awe.

In New York City alone, she owns four luxury properties in the notoriously expensive Tribeca district, known for its high density of celebrities. In Los Angeles, she bought a listed villa in Beverly Hills for $23 million, and she owns a luxury beach house in Rhode Island. And of course, Swift has also secured accommodations in the country music stronghold of Nashville.

When Swift recently flew back to the US for the Super Bowl after a concert in Japan to cheer on her boyfriend Travis Kelce, she did so in her own private jet. Until recently, the singer even owned two jets of her own, one of which, according to Business Insider, cost around $44 million. But its use also brought criticism from environmentalists. It is quite possible that this is why it is now limited to one.

Next cost: Swift outfits, because the singer likes to wear designer pieces both on and off stage. For example, the Stella MCartney coat she wears on the album cover of “Evermore” cost around $2,000 and she shelled out almost $10,000 for her Oscar de la Renta dress from the 2020 Grammys. The jewelry she wore to this year’s Super Bowl alone, from finger rings to necklaces, was said to be worth around $55,000.

When she and her celebrity friends are seen going out, it’s usually to the most expensive and exclusive restaurants in the world. A luxury hotel in Sydney, Australia just had a star chef flown in from Great Britain in case Swift wanted to visit the restaurant there.

The public also sporadically learns about Swift’s charitable actions; for example, she donated a million dollars after the flood disaster in the US state of Louisiana in 2016. She also supports public schools in New York and in 2013 opened the Taylor Swift Education Center at the Country Music Museum in Nashville for $4 million. Swift also gives something to her fans every now and then, for example, she paid a fan’s student debt or helped randomly selected followers with monetary donations during the corona pandemic. Most recently, she donated $100,000 to the victims’ families after an attack occurred at the Super Bowl parade in Kansas City.

One thing is certain: Taylor Swift’s cash register will keep ringing. Australia will be followed by shows in Singapore before Swift brings her concert spectacle to Europe in the spring and summer. In July she will also stop in Germany and play concerts in Munich, Gelsenkirchen and Hamburg.

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