The extended Wollny family continues to grow. Lavinia, 23, has given birth to her second child, she shared in an Instagram story on Thursday (April 20). The small hand of her newborn can be seen in the short clip. Wollny, who gave birth by caesarean section, wrote: “Hello dear ones, we survived the surgery well. We are now enjoying our time to get to know one another and will then get in touch with you.”

The birth does not come as a surprise: early Wednesday morning (April 19), the expectant mother announced in an Instagram story that she was already in the hospital and the baby would be taken. Fans had then eagerly awaited another announcement. However, Lavinia Wollny has not yet revealed the name of the baby. At the end of March, however, she announced in an Instagram post that she was expecting a boy. In February 2022, Lavinia Wollny became a mother for the first time.

With her youngest offspring, the 23-year-old makes her mother Silvia Wollny (58) a grandmother of 17. And it won’t be long before the 18th grandchild is likely to be born: Daughter Sarafina (27) is also currently expecting another child. Silvia Wollny and her extended family, consisting of eleven children, became known in 2011 through the RTLzwei reality show “Die Wollnys – eine terribly big family”.