Great concern for the Australian comedian and entertainer Barry Humphries (89). After complications during a hip operation, Humphries is said to be in the St. Vincent Clinic in Sydney, according to The Sydney Morning Herald. His family and friends would watch over his bedside. Humphries is best known for his fictional character, Dame Edna Everage.

As a drag queen, Humphries presented numerous TV programs in his native Australia, but also in Great Britain, especially in the 80s and 90s. The comedian also had guest appearances as Dame Edna with the typical purple hair and oversized, bizarre glasses in the cult series “Ally McBeal” or in the comedy show “RTL Saturday Night”.

In a statement on Humphries’ health, the family said the artist thanked everyone for their sympathy and well wishes. His wife added in a statement that he was fine. However, a journalist on Australian morning television Sunrise said Humphries’ health had deteriorated over the past week and the comedian was in a “serious condition”. For months he has been struggling with complications from the surgery on his hip. The comedian himself last gave the newspaper a detailed interview in February 2023 and also announced that he had tripped and fallen. This fall made hip surgery inevitable.

“It was a ridiculous thing, like all domestic accidents pretty much. I was reaching for a book, my foot caught on a carpet or something, and I fell,” explained the Dame Edna creator. As a result, he developed pain and a titanium hip. Nevertheless, he wanted to go on tour again this year, he said in the interview.