Kelly Clarkson (40) has said that her daughter River Rose (8) is bullied at school – because of a reading and spelling disorder. The daughter of the singer and presenter is dyslexic.

The moderator came up with the topic because she welcomed actor Henry Winkler (77), who is also dyslexic, to her “The Kelly Clarkson Show”. According to his own statements, he was involved with the children’s book author Lin Oliver (76) in the creation of almost 40 novels. His autobiography, Being Henry: The Fonz… and Beyond, will also be released on October 31.

Clarkson said it was “amazing” to be able to tell her eight-year-old daughter River that Winkler also has the disorder and has written so many books. “Because she was bullied at school because she couldn’t read like all the other kids,” explains the 40-year-old. A lecture on dyslexia had just been given at school, in which the children were shown pictures of successful stars such as Winkler, Anthony Mackie (44) and Zachary Levi (42). The actors’ open handling of the topic is empowering for their daughter.

Then Winkler, who enjoys cult status, especially in the United States thanks to the role of Arthur “Fonzie” Fanzarelli in the series Happy Days, turned directly to River: “How you learn has nothing to do with how brilliant you are.” Clarkson quipped to tears, “My makeup artist is going to kill me!”