Well-known guest stars have been announced for the Karl May Games 2023 in Bad Segeberg in two iconic roles. Wolfgang Bahro (62), who has always mimed the villain as Jo Gerner in “Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten”, slips into the role of greedy Santer for the coming season. Managing director Ute Thienel is therefore pleased to have lured “the biggest villain of German television to the Kalkberg” in the person of Bahro.

The role of Winnetou’s sister is also taken: Nadine Menz (32), who should also be known to most TV viewers through “GZSZ”, embodies the chief’s daughter Nscho-tschi. With Menz, “a charismatic actress of the younger generation” has been won, Thienel continues. “She brings such natural charm and energy that she will mesmerize audiences as Nscho-tschi.”

It will be a while before Karl May fans can see the newcomers for themselves. The starting signal for this year’s season with “Winnetou I – Blutsbrüder” is June 24 after a five-week rehearsal period. A total of 72 performances are scheduled until September 3rd. Alexander Klaws (39) will be playing the Apache Winnetou again this year for the third time.

“GZSZ” fans obviously do not have to worry that this tight program could mean that they have to do without Jo Gerner at times: “We are very proud that Wolfgang Bahro is shooting for “Gute Zeiten – Schlechte Zeiten” like this that he has time for an unforgettable summer in the wild west of Bad Segeberg,” the organizers say.

In the 1963 film, Marie Versini (1939-2021) played Winnetou’s (Piere Briece, 1929-2015) sister Nscho-tschi. Meanwhile, the diabolical adversary Santer was played by Mario Adorf (92).