Heinz Florian Oertel (1927-2023) is dead. As the “Bild” newspaper and the “Lausitzer Rundschau” both report, the GDR reporter legend died on March 27 at the age of 95. Oertel’s health is said to have deteriorated abruptly at the beginning of the year. He is said to have passed away peacefully in his own home surrounded by his family.

For decades, Oertel reported on major sporting events for radio and television in the GDR. He accompanied a total of 17 Olympic Games and eight World Cups – starting with the 1952 Olympic Games in Helsinki. Oertel also reported regularly on world and European championships in figure skating. The reporter and presenter was particularly popular with the audience for his emotional, stirring and detailed description of the sporting events.

In addition, Oertel also moderated television shows such as “Ein Kessel Buntes” or “Schlager eines Große Stadt” and was known for his popular show “Portrait by Telephone”. He also wrote columns for the newspapers “Lausitzer Rundschau” and “Berliner Zeitung” for decades. In the GDR, Oertel was voted TV favorite of the year 17 times.