Rarely do both parties feel the same butterflies in their stomachs when dating. It takes a lot of luck to find your soulmate among all the likes and swipes out there. But sometimes there are such cases when the spark jumps over both. You are showered with love, attention, affection and closeness. But what if there is just a person behind it who is currently making a must?

The mosting dating trend is a more unscrupulous variant of ghosting and is made up of this word as the origin and the English word “most”, i.e. “a lot”.

The dating trend Mosting combines two already known behaviors when getting to know each other. At first you think you’ve found the love of your life. Everything just fits and the new crush literally showers you with declarations of togetherness. The classic form of love bombing.

But then, overnight, the new swarm is gone. He or she ghosts us, stops answering the phone, ignores messages. It is impossible to reach the other, he seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth. The combination of the excessive beginning of love and the cold ignorance that follows is called mosting.

The reasons for mosting can be varied, but usually there is a malicious plan behind the initial love bombing, such as getting one into bed, enriching oneself financially or gaining other advantages. If the Love Bomber doesn’t manage this and the constant romantic gestures become too exhausting for him, he disappears without a word. Rarely do insecurities or fear of commitment hide behind such behavior.

Protecting oneself from this is not so easy, because everyone is happy about a Disneyesque love, about nice gestures and compliments. However, you should keep your eyes open behind rose-tinted glasses when your gut feeling says: “Too fast, too much”. Even if the content of a message is endearing, for example.

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