Director and actor Til Schweiger speaks out for the first time about the accusation of having frightened employees on the set of “Manta Manta – Second Part”. “I’m a person who makes mistakes. I’m not perfect. There are situations where I freak out, I’m impatient,” he told Stern. “But I also apologize for that.” He always told his children that it was human to make mistakes. “But you have to own up for your mistakes, apologize and work to stop making them.”

In the spring, employees who worked on the set of “Manta Manta – Second Part” made serious allegations against Schweiger in a “Spiegel” article. Schweiger, who directed the film and played the lead role, is said to have arrived on set drunk and harassed employees. The fact that employees were said to have been afraid of him hit him “hard,” he told Stern. “Nobody needs to be afraid of me. I’m a friendly person.”

Schweiger refers to a current report from a law firm that certifies that many people on set found the collaboration good. “If I were a tyrant, the same people wouldn’t keep working with me,” emphasized the film star. “Still, friends have told me before that I can have a way of being that is frightening. I now accept that and am working on it.”