The search for the next ESC entry is on: From now on, singers and bands can apply via video with their songs from pop, country, electro, R’n’B, Schlager or rock to win Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 represent. This was announced by the NDR.

The artists can submit their songs via the official ARD website for the ESC, The deadline for applications is November 28th. A team of experts selects the acts for the preliminary round from all the entries. The NDR also wants to approach artists itself, it is said.

According to the broadcaster, TikTok is also included in the search for the German ESC act for the first time this year: under the hashtag

The preliminary decision “Eurovision Song Contest 2023 – Our song for Liverpool” is planned for the beginning of March, according to the NDR. The show decides who will travel to Great Britain for Germany at the ESC 2023.

“This competition, Europe’s largest music show, is very important to us,” explains Andreas Gerling, head of the ARD team for the ESC at the NDR: “And we’re competing to play at the front. So if you dare, with high quality music Germany again We warmly welcome you to move forward. I’m looking forward to what I hope will be a very colorful and very exciting competition.”

The final of the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest will take place on May 13th in Liverpool, England. The BBC is hosting the ESC instead of the Ukrainian broadcaster UA:PBC due to the war – the Ukrainian band Kalush Orchestra won the ESC this year. Germany is seeded for the final as one of the Big Five countries. The German singer Malik Harris ended up in last place at the ESC 2022.