The Coronation of King Charles III. will also benefit a rare parrot in Australia: The official coronation gift of 10,000 Australian dollars (about 6,000 euros) will be donated on behalf of the monarch to an organization for the protection of the western ground parakeet. This was announced by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese on Wednesday. “His Majesty King Charles III has long been a champion of conservation and sustainability, so I’m delighted to be making a national contribution to the preservation of the Western Ground Parrot on the occasion of his coronation,” 9News quoted the Prime Minister as saying.

Considered one of the world’s rarest birds, the Western Ground Parakeet (Pezoporus flaviventris) lives only in a remote region of Western Australia. With an estimated only 150 wild specimens left, it is threatened with extinction. Bushfires have recently added to the population. The birds are green with a distinctive red forehead.