Former US President Donald Trump (76) is planning a new book publication. The 320-page Coffee Table Book “Letters to Trump” contains 150 private letters that the 45th President of the USA exchanged in 40 years with celebrities such as Princess Diana (1961-1997), the North Korean head of state Kim Jong-un (39), written by former US Presidents Ronald Reagan (1911-2004) and Bill Clinton (76) as well as entertainment personalities such as Jay Leno (72), Liza Minnelli (76) and Oprah Winfrey (69).

According to Winning Team Publishing, of which Trump is a co-owner, the 76-year-old “selected each letter himself” and added an “original commentary.” The US website “Axios” has already received an insight into the published correspondence.

Around the year 2000, when he was considering a presidential candidacy, Trump described US talk show host Winfrey as “his first choice for the vice presidency”. Winfrey apparently wrote back: “Too bad we’re not running together [in the presidential election]. What a team”. However, after the actual announcement of his candidacy for the Republican Party nomination in 2015, Winfrey never spoke to him again, as the book author himself notes.

The large-format book “Letters to Trump” is the second by the former US President after the end of the presidency – after the illustrated book “Our Journey Together” published in 2021, through the sales of which Trump earned 20 million US dollars in less than two months, according to “CNN”. dollars should have taken. “Letters to Trump” will be available from the end of April for the purchase price of 99 US dollars – or in a signed version for a whopping 399 dollars.