Daniela Katzenberger (36) is apparently on the mend after a bad cold. In a new story on Instagram, she seems to confirm that she is feeling better. At least she can laugh again.

Katzenberger will be back on March 9 to the sounds of Howard Carpendale’s (77) hit “Hello Again”. She shows that she apparently slept for almost twelve hours and jokes with a laughing emoji: “I’ll wake up sometimes.” The TV star uses the hashtag for this

In the past few days, the 36-year-old had complained of a severe cold. Most recently, fans were still worried because there seemed to be no improvement in sight. In a story that is no longer available, the wife of singer Lucas Cordalis (55) showed that she had received an infusion. Shortly before, she had reported a severe sore throat: “Last night it beamed me around.” Her cough felt like someone was sticking a knife in her throat. The desired recovery overnight probably didn’t materialize at first. “Can’t do it anymore,” Katzenberger wrote about a photo that was apparently taken in a doctor’s room.

The cold came pretty badly. “I have to get fit,” she explained to her fans, because a camera team is due to visit on Friday. She didn’t want to cancel the shooting dates for her documentary soap “Daniela Katzenberger: Familienglück auf Mallorca” again. She is also bored of lying in bed all day: “I have to do my stuff.”