Together with Bud Spencer (deceased 2016), Terence Hill became famous in Germany in the 1970s. Millions watched the two enthusiastically as they tirelessly handed out slaps in the face. Now the native Italian, whose real name is Mario Girotti, is not only a star in this country, but also a German citizen. As the 83-year-old revealed in an interview with “Bild”, he recently had a German passport in addition to the Italian and an American one. “My wonderful mother and thus my mother tongue have always been formative for me. I’m happy that I now have this ID,” he told the newspaper. Hill’s mother, Hilde, was born in Germany and his father, Girolamo, was Italian. According to the newspaper, the actor spent his early years in Lommatzch, Saxony.

Hill received his new passport from the German Consul General in Los Angeles. His mother’s German citizenship helped pave the way, he reports. Hill was even able to save himself the actually obligatory language test, as he says: in 2018 he was a guest on Markus Lanz’s talk show and completed the performance in fluent German. The officer in charge saw the performance, further proof of his German language skills was not necessary.

The hit-and-run films by Terence Hill and Bud Spencer – including titles like “Two Heavenly Dogs on the Way to Hell” or “The Crocodile and His Hippopotamus” – were some time ago, but the actor has not been idle recently. In Italy he has been successfully seen on screens as an investigating pastor with his series “Don Matteo” for years. From now on, German TV viewers can follow the cases. The first episode will air Friday, November 11 on the Bible TV channel.

Source: “Image”

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