In “Tatort: ​​Look at me” (April 7th, 8:15 p.m., the first) the Munich inspectors Ivo Batic (Miroslav Nemec, 69), Franz Leitmayr (Udo Wachtveitl, 65) and Kalli Hammermann (Ferdinand Hofer, 30) has to do with an incredibly brutal serial killer, who the audience almost felt a little sorry for at the end. This complex character was embodied by Sammy Scheuritzel.

The actor, who was born in Berlin in August 1998, made a name for himself last year when he played the young festival founder Holger Hübner (57) in the miniseries “Legend of Wacken” (2023, RTL) – the older version embodied ex-police call 110″ star Charly Hübner (51). “We know you’ve been waiting eagerly for this, just like us,” his management wrote at the time about a clip from the six-parter.

Sammy Scheuritzel’s acting debut is no less legendary, as he played Choking, Snorre’s (Christian Koch, 61) son, in “Wickie and the Strong Men” (2009) by director Michael Bully Herbig (55). The film received numerous awards in 2009 and 2010 and was also rated “particularly valuable” by the German Film and Media Rating (FBW).

In between, the graduate of the renowned Munich Otto Falckenberg acting school appeared in films such as the literary adaptation “Tschick” (2016), Netflix series such as “Dark” (2017, 2020) or in short films such as “What I still wanted to tell you” (2017). see. For the latter he was nominated for Best Young Actor at the Max Ophüls Film Festival.

Sammy Scheuritzel was also in the cast of the Netflix psychological thriller “Black Island” (2021). Lead actor Philip Froissant (born 1994) provided insights into the rehearsals for the joint “epic fight scene” on Instagram during filming. How much fun the two actors had in the Amrum dunes can be seen in the photos and through the hashtag “

In addition to acting, Scheuritzel’s great passions include sports and music. His management’s homepage shows that the Berlin native is particularly fit in two sporting disciplines: Parkour and Aikido (6th Kyu). He also “used to play football in the club”. And he also plays the piano “very well”.