The rapper and ardent fan of FC Hansa Rostocks Marteria (39) went in search of a special animal in the deepest Peruvian rainforest.

Together with the “Plant for Future” conservation initiative, he tracked down a rare frog in the Amazon region that wears the blue, white and red colors of his hometown soccer club. The musician calls the animal “Hansa Frog” in the new documentary “The Amazon Job – The Forest Is Not Enough”. It revolves around the arduous journey through Amazonia and nature conservation. The film premiered at the Rostock Volkstheater on Thursday.

A new song

The rapper then performed with the Norddeutsche Philharmonie Rostock and played the new song “Wald”, which was inspired by the trip, in addition to an older one.

A friend from Rostock asked him if he wanted to go looking for the animal, said the musician, whose real name is Marten Laciny, the German Press Agency. Actually, it was also about taking a look at the Amazon on site, “sleeping in the jungle, meeting biologists, really going on a trip that’s going to be very crazy”. The idea for the film came after that.

As you can see in the film, the “Hansa Frog” only exists in a few hectares of forest. “When this forest is gone, it’s gone,” Laciny said. If you can protect something small, you can also protect something big. Therefore the frog is a symbol for him. Together with “Plant for Future” he wants to buy the forest. According to its own information, “Plant for Future” collects money in a playful way on the Internet in order to plant trees, but also to buy forests in order to protect them.

The greatest danger is man

In the film, one not only learns that the rain forest with seven times the area of ​​Mecklenburg-West Pomerania is cut down every year, but also why the greatest danger in the rain forest does not come from spiders, anacondas or leopards, but from people. There are also insights into the arduous journey of the team, including illness, a 16-hour boat trip on the Amazon and waterlogged hammocks. Laciny takes it with humor: “It’s also called rainforest.”

It is not the first adventure in an exotic environment for the Rostocker. Video shoots, but also his passion for fishing have taken him all over the world.