Britney Spears celebrated her 41st birthday in early December. Now the singer has uploaded a clip to Instagram, with which she once again caused a stir among her fans. Among other things, Spears can be seen in a tight red catsuit in front of a decorated Christmas tree – and apparently also in front of several birthday balloons.

“Yep, the whole week is my birthday,” she writes, among other things. Spears poses, dances, sticks her middle finger at the camera, sinks her face into a cake and smears the batter on her body.

According to media reports, Spears had previously deactivated her Instagram account. She knows that her account was repeatedly unavailable, but the last two times she was responsible for it, writes the singer. You accidentally pressed the wrong button.

Apparently, the 41-year-old wants to attract attention with the recordings. She asks in the accompanying comment, “Is it a bit awkward or weird to look at??? Just say that. That’s the point!!!”

Spears was under guardianship for more than 13 years until the end of 2021, after being incapacitated in 2008. Since then, the singer has attracted a lot of attention with her social media posts. She repeatedly appeared naked, spoke out against family members and, among other things, made it public that she suffered from “nerve damage on the right side of my body”.

“There is no cure for this but God,” she wrote in November. “I wake up in bed at least three times a week and my hands are completely numb.” Then it feels like needles are “shooting from the right side of my body all the way up to my neck”. She would feel the greatest pain in her temples – “it stings and it’s scary”. But when she dances, “I don’t feel pain anymore”.