At least Horst Lichter does not seem to have a high opinion of the jewelry that is on the expert table at “Bares for Rares”: “It could also be a display at the greengrocer,” says the moderator. “You’re thinking of cauliflower,” Wendela Horz joins in the fun.

It is a ring and a chain that Marlene Ziegelhöfer brought with her. The 71-year-old nurse from Bad Schönborn near Heidelberg would like to sell the family pieces. Her mother bought them around 50 years ago, but since then they have mostly been in the closet. After the initial mockery, the expert finds very warm words for the jewelry. Horz reports that ten sapphires and eight diamonds are used, of which the diamonds weigh half a carat.

When Horst Lichter inquires about the desired price, the saleswoman refers to the gold value. Ziegelhöfer claims that it is 1,400 euros and that her brother had it specially valued. But the expert comes to a completely different sum: “I also calculated the gold purchase value,” says Wendela Horz, “and I came to around 2,700 euros.” She puts the total value at 3000 euros. The saleswoman can hardly believe her luck: “Wow, that makes me happy,” says the woman. “I’m floating on cloud nine.”

“Very nice,” says Elke Velten-Tönnies when examining the jewelry in the dealer’s room. Her colleagues see it that way too. Wolfgang Pauritsch starts with 2000 euros. When Fabian Kahl heard the gold value, he immediately offered 3,000 euros – the estimated value. Ziegelhöfer agrees to the deal, and so the 71-year-old goes home with significantly more than originally expected.

She already has a plan on how she wants to spend all that money: “We’ll hit it on the head in Hamburg. And next year I’ll have a golden wedding.”

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